Thursday, June 08, 2006

For a moment let me leave Paris and go to Kassel, to Documenta, and think now again of my two beloved, lost friends, most of all Joseph Beuys, as I end, how they tried to censor him off our global innovation: He is a “Communist”, said some of the right wing papers in Germany. Once a reporter asked me, as they asked Paik, if Joseph should be allowed to say on the satellite whatever he wished. Jane, beside me, was furious. “If you want to go back to Nazi germany,” I said, “shut him off the air. If you want to test democracy...Let Joseph speak.” I remember her stamping her foot, to push the point home.

They did leave him alone.. I’ll never forget his first words: Meine
Damen und Herrn and Liebe Kinder (“Ladies, Gentleman, small children”). Joseph loved Jane. He knew she was guiding my every step. He came to her birthday party that summer and gave her a huge life=sized portrait of himself--giving her Joseph--signed over to her.


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