Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jane Bell Davis - 1949-2005

Jane Bell Davis, 27 June 1949-30 December 2005. a booklet published by Trinity Church/St. Paul’s Chapel, edited by the Liturgical Ministers for the event, who included The Rev. Canon James G. Callaway; the Lectors, who included Sister Emily Louise and Victoria Davis; the Memorial Meeting Clerk was Heidi Koring; the Vergers were Carlos Mateo and Alan Paddle; the music was by Owen Burdick, Ph.D., Organist and Director of Music;the designer of the catalogue cover--and speaker during the event--was Douglas Davis, who excerpted the lines on the cover from their late patron and friend, Eugene M. Schwartz, ed., You Are Not Far From the Kingdom of God, a compilation of Christian and ancient Judaic writings, with Islamic reminiscences in 1973.


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