Thursday, June 08, 2006


Speak, write, Cry, Fly (it is better than holding grief or anger inside, say many who have suffered: As I faced the heart-rending
pleasure of talking about my other self, my wife of 35 years, who passed from us for reasons still unknown on the morning of January 30, one day before the newest of years. And then I remembered... the drive and courage that went with he rbrilliant sweetness, and drive ( Bill Downey
and Shirley Davisoon, my colleagues in the Fluxhouse co-op where we have lived and worked for more than 30 years (I sense she’s still there), wrote a tribute to her you'll shortly read that sums it up succinctly)...I can in truth not think of any idea, writing, artwork, traveling or teaching abroad...that wouldn't remind me of Jane, who was always there, always driving me (cf. Downey), always sweetening anythng difficult.. if not actually simplifying it (she had a taste for complexity, resolved, as her co-op mates, for whom she often served as President or Secretary, can tell you). And this remembrance of I-Love-You and its revolutionary reappraisal of Structuralism in the 70's...will tell you imore about her, will tell you why I cannot bear a minute without her...than any other. Cry, scream, shout for us on 1-212-414-8155 and we shall with your permission only offer it as an audio file to be heard here), Send us Images, Music (through the same means, though Mac owners can now use I-mikes that allows you to sing or curse directly to our Macs...FLY, as DD did once, in Denmark in 2001 (watch him darting right now!)...soon we’ll offer you software to use so we can watch you fly, too, as a female stockbroker friend just did --she’s coming along soon, you’ll see her; EXPRESS YOURSELF IN ANY WAY YOU WISH? UNBLOCK THE CONVENTIONAL BLOG! As time goes on we’ll offer you many means to do so, beginning soon with Digital Persona, which allows you to send us your signature--and soon after, your touch***). Tis obvious we believe Grief can be only turned back with imagination, with interactive incest with the audience, by using whatever means you prefer to express your grief, your suicidal longings, your GLEE over....J-t’aime!).


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